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Expert Lighting Group is a small but growing team of passionate individuals.  Passionate about lighting. Passionate about energy-savings. Passionate about our clients. Passionate about each other. Our much-needed approach is fresh, interactive with our clients, but, much needed.  It’s true there are many products available to save you money. But, if your project is to MAXIMIZE energy savings, trust Expert Lighting Group to help you realize that goal.

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While working as Lighting Subject Matter Expert (SME) at Ford Motor Company our founder, Eric M. Hansel learned quite a few things about the changing nature of the commercial and industrial lighting industry.  First, there are new companies sprouting up at a tremendous rate, none of them seem to fully understand the complex industry they are attempting to penetrate.  Secondly, Eric realized the need to learn and understand how LEDs & drivers work.  What makes a good LED fixture and what makes a bad one.  It further became clear to Eric the lighting industry was moving way too fast for the retrofit market. 

In early 2015, Eric has come to realize his dream of working with clients to fully understand all of the lighting technologies, best practices, technology road maps, incentives in a consultative role. Eric believes this industry is in need of product training, big picture understanding and what is coming down the pike, not another salesperson with a product or products that want to make fit into your facility.

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